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Relationships can be improved with better communication and understanding. How good do you feel your communication skills are? Below are five questions that you can use to get a sense as to how well you communicate with others.

1. Are you speaking in a way that helps the listener to not become defensive?

2. Are you really listening to the other person when they speak or are you forming your next response?

3. Are you trying to understand the other person’s perspective even if you disagree?

4. Are you being kind in how you speak?

5. Are you maintaining eye contact?

Although this is not a complete list of questions to ask yourself (and your partner), it may point to areas that a relationship therapist can help to improve.

The truth is relationships are periodically challenging. In fact everyone experiences difficulties from time to time. If you are going through a difficult time now, that does not mean it will last forever.

Struggles in relationships can more often than not be reduced with the help of a couples therapist. Sometimes all it takes is some willingness on the part of one or both parties to come in and start.

Meeting with a relationship counselor in Santa Barbara who provides a safe, supportive, and non-judgemental place in which to share, can help defuse tension and resolve differences. The road to improving a relationship can be challenging, but it definitely can be accomplished with an experienced couples counselor. Why continue struggling?  Contact me and let’s bring the love and happiness back imto your relationship.

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