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Alcohol, drugs, and other addictions are some of the most challenging life issues with which to live. This is especially true if the addiction has been going on for years.

Although addictions mostly affect the addict, those closest to the addict can also be affected especially family members. Relatives, friends, co-workers, members of social organizations, etc. can all be adversely affected.

This is often an un-talked-about disease that is passed on through families generation after generation. Sometimes it even skips a generation only to re-emerge again later in a future generation. Additionally, it is sometimes a difficult disease to identify as every addict reacts differently to the addiction. Due to these challenges denial is more often than not present. When present, denial can be very difficult to overcome – sometimes taking years to get past in order to start the recovery process.

If you or someone you know is in denial, the following questions may help to clarify things:

  1. Have you had any problems with your family, friends or work in the past year related to your addiction?
  2. Have family members suggested that you might have a problem and asked you to stop?
  3. Are you tired of hearing others complain about your addiction?
  4. Do you think you can stop any time you want to?
  5. Have you tried to cut back or even stop but been unable to do so?
  6. Have you missed work days due to your addiction?

It doesn’t matter how many of these questions you answer with a ‘Yes’. What matters is if some of these questions might apply to you. If you can honestly say that they do apply, then you may have a problem with the addiction. If so, why not admit that you do and seek help with a safe and confidential therapist.

I am an experienced addiction counselor working in Santa Barbara. I can help you if you are willing. Contact me and let me show you how.

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